Battle Camp Hack Cheats Tool Get Unlimited Gold and Energy for IOS and Android

Battle Camp hack

Battle Camp is an action based, filled with cuteness, match-three Role-Playing-Game developed by PennyPop. Within the game, you will enter the Battle Camp universe where you will meet ancient evils and legendary monsters. The goal of the game is essentially to survive and build your team of epic monsters, as well as battle computer and human opponents. You will need to build and level your troop, utilize other players, and work together to defeat Raid Bosses and advance through the levels. With over 400 monsters to captures, raise, and evolve, you will be hard pressed not to find yourself spending a great deal of time submersed in Battle Camp. Building the strongest team possible will not only help defeat the in-game bosses, but will also let you defeat powerful real life opponents in the arena and assert your dominance in this award winning RPG.  As you came here, you are probably stuck. If some additional gold is what you require, then you are lucky! Our Battle Camp Hack download for iOS & Android devices can give you unlimited amount of gold. This tool is extremely simple and easy to use!

We are proud to announce new battle camp tool for Battle Camp game. The hack is working on all platforms(iOS and Android) and devices. We invested much time in preparing and developing this professional tool. The tool can generate you unlimited gold and Energy so you can be the strongest player on the game. It has new feature to unlock all Monster in game.  It’s exclusive just for this website, if you see this hack around in other sites you should be aware.

There are over nine hundred monsters, to capture from and build a five-monster squad. There are also five different elements in the game, fire, water, leaf, wind and stone. All monsters of your fighting squad can be from all these different elements or even the same. You will use your squad of cute monsters to defeat other monsters and challenge rangers. Battles in Battle Camp are turn based and uses a 6×5 grid with six different colored gems, five of them representing each of elements and last one is for health. Matching three or more gems of same color will either give health or make the monster, one belonging to that color’s element, attack your opponent.

Battle Camp hack

You will start game with a battle to save a girl from her Rapscorch, a monster, who gets crazy at bath times. Saving her is basically the how-to-play tutorial of the game. As already mentioned, you’ll slide the gems matching them. You can slide these gems freely anywhere, you can move many gems while making different combos which gives additional attacking power. There is also a health bar to watch for, if you’re low on health you can always match some heart shaped gems. Health bar’s value is the summation of all of your monsters’ health. Matching five tiles of same color will make your monster attack all of your opponent’s. As the monsters are of different elements they have few advantages over each other, i.e. water beats fire, while fire beats leaf etc.. Each of your monster has Attack, Health, Recovery and feed value. Few of the monsters also have special, active and/or passive, abilities.

These monsters also belongs to different classes which are common, uncommon, special, rare, super, ultra and epic. The arrangement indicates the ease of occurrence. The commons are most easy to get and makes epic ones extremely difficult.

Game has a lot of avatar customization, from avatar’s gender till his hair and jacket you can customize almost everything. There are daily free giveaways to keep you attracted which can include from free stones till energy bars. Your first in-app purchase will give you bonuses. You can send and receive gifts from your friends. You can take pictures from within the game and send or share them on your wall.

Battle Camp hack

Using Battle Camp Hack Cheats

Do you wish to easily make your avatar a strong one that is ready to fight all the monsters and troops in Battle Camp? Well, you will need energy and gold to use in order to upgrade and enhance your avatar, but now you can get them all for free with the Battle Camp Hack, which is a powerful tool that allows you to:

  • Get unlimited gold
  • Get unlimited coins
  • Get unlimited energy
  • Unlock all the features in the game

Battle Camp hack

Features of Battle Camp Hack Tool:

  • Unlimited Gold.
  • Unlimited Stones.
  • Unlock everything(all items).
  • Auto update when necessary.
  • User friendly & easy to use(USB compatible).
  • Anti-ban protection.
  • No root or jailbreak needed.
  • 100% safe and undetectable – you won’t get banned!
  • Works with any version of iOS – iPad or iPhone

How to use our Battle Camp Hack iOS Hack Tool :

– Open the Battle Camp Hack Online Generator
– Enter your username on the username field
– Put the amount of Coins and Stones you desire
– Select a Proxy Server and Check the Anti Ban Features
– Click “Generate” button and wait for it Finish.
– After completed, restart the game and the requested resources should be in your account.


Download Battle Camp Hack Cheats Tool Here: